Company Profile

Since 1971

Since our incorporation in 1971, Gay Company Limited has constructed all types of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) and Residential Projects in all areas of the industry from brand new buildings to demolitions, restorations and renovations of buildings of all sorts including extensive tenant’s improvements.

We have, since 1971, built over 4,300,000 sq.ft. of Commercial Buildings, over 1,700,000 sq.ft. of Industrial space, in excess of 530,000 sq.ft. of Institutional Buildings and over 350 Subdivision and Custom homes. As well Gay Company has built over 30 Car Dealerships in the surrounding areas and been involved in a substantial number of Design Build Projects.

One aspect that we take great pride in is our capacity as Total Project Managers for a large number of Clients who want a job completed with the main attention spent on Scheduling to ensure all Timeframes are achieved, Cost Efficiency to ensure that all budgets are realized and Quality of Workmanship to ensure that all design requirements are adhered to. 
As these design requirements and Industry standards change, we are proud to say that we are changing with them. We are all becoming more aware of the impact our industry has on both the environmental issues and the energy usage, thus as a company we are taking steps to ensure our team is aware of such mandates as the LEED program and proper Waste Management Practices. Gay Company currently has Senior Project Management that hold LEED Accredited Professional status.

We are competitive in all of our Project Tendering, capable in completing all projects in accordance with the Clients requirements, comfortable in any mid Eight Figure Project Capacity and are bonded accordingly with the Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada.

We are members in good standing of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, the Durham Construction Association and Tarion. As a company that has been a part of the construction industry for as long as we have, we are staunch supporters of working hard to meet the needs of our customers to their fullest.